About the Artist

Jeffrey L Watt, Native American Artist

Jeffrey L Watt

I was deciding what to put on Jeff’s about the artist page. The only thing I could think of is that Jeffrey is a whole lot of things. To me he is a husband, an artist, a father, a Christian, a deaf man, a Cherokee, a dreamer, a cook, and a mechanic! He was born and raised in North Eastern Oklahoma. Born in Cherokee county and was raised in Adair county.

He is the oldest of 3 children. His father believes Jeffrey was a baby when he lost his hearing. Jeffrey says his Mama told him it was because she had got sick when she was pregnant. She is gone now and I can’t ask her what she thinks. His father is a full blood Cherokee. So that makes Jeff 50% and he has his blue card and CBID card to prove it. If you were seeking original Native American art.

 I hear when Jeffrey was a boy the school hired his mother to sit and teach Jeff in the class room. I don’t know for how long they did that for. I do know he ended up going to Oklahoma School of the Deaf and Blind. He excelled in art if you can believe that. He tells me he had a great art teacher. He had worked for Wal-Mart for 7 years, and some restaurants here and there. Then he relied solely on disability because it was very difficult to find work being deaf. But maybe that is how God intended it to be. His mother Starla Kay Watt was diagnosed with cancer. She fought it for 6 years. Jeffrey took care of his mother. Always by her side, always helping her. He cherished his Mom. When she passed he stopped doodling. He didn’t want to do anything but mourn her loss.

Since Jeff and I have been married we have met some wonderful people along the way. There have been so many people helping us. Giving us idea’s, information, prospects and faith. Not just faith in Jeffrey’s ability to draw but faith in God. Having our foundation built on Christ has helped our marriage, parenting, and self actualization of where we are and where we want to go on this earth and when we pass. So thank you to all the people who help Jeff! Please keep it up because we can’t do it with out you.

I don’t think Jeffrey ever thought he would be working with the public, or making portraits for people, or shows and demonstrations. And I never thought it was God’s plan to give me a deaf, Cherokee artist for a husband! I didn’t ever think I would be an interpreter, or a marketing/advertising/consultant for him. But someone has to be his advocate. I have to be his voice.. Jeffrey is the talent and I am his voice so together we are going to make it. We have a little girl who depends on us. And family who has big dreams for Jeff. So I will take pictures and write the blogs and you can delight your eyes with what he creates. Thanks or reading:)

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