Jul 19

Now selling at the Heritage Center in Park Hill, OK

Oh yes, it does feel wonderful! Jeffrey finally has some art their at the Heritage Center in Park Hill, OK. The first time we came to the Museum was to visit. We had left church and Jeffrey asked if I wanted to take Violet to the park. I said sure! So the park was open and the Heritage was located there at the site. So we walked in and we were shocked that they was opened on Sunday! We talked with Kathren and showed her some pictures of his work on our phone. She was interested in looking at what he made. So later we brought her some of the rose necklaces but she was not interested because it needed to be more traditional Cherokee art. We were a little discouraged but we focused on getting her what she needed. So we went to “Light Eyes” It is a bead store that sells all the real stuff! No plastic here lol. Light eyes said ” I wouldn’t stop making those roses because no one else is doing it. That may be what makes you the most money when you go to do all the shows.” Lights eyes is Cherokee too but he has blue eyes:) I forget his real name but I had asked him before.

Any way the next time we visited her she was at the John Ross Museum. We showed her the necklaces, feathers carved from elk and the eagle with the cedar and we wrote an invoice. It was wonderful. There was a lady customer in there from Michigan. She did not want to wait for it to go in the books so she bought the elk feather with the eagle carved on it for 70! That really helped because we had no money. And when I say no money we were broke lol. Nothing new to us! I work at a fast food restaurant and I am only a crew person. My marketing diploma has only helped me with Jeffrey’s business. But if I didn’t have the knowledge from all those school books I would not be much help to him! Okay, back to Jeffrey… Last week we brought her more things and she bought it all. We can’t wait to get the checks coming. It is still not much but it is what I make working 2 weeks asking would you like your fry’s large size!

soaring eagle elk necklace by Jeffrey l watt deaf cherokee artist

soaring eagle elk necklace by Jeffrey l watt deaf cherokee artist

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