Jul 18

Roses carved from deer antler!

red rose carved from deer anlter with coral by jeffrey l watt deaf cherokee artistblue rose carved from deer antler by jeffrey l watt deaf cherokee artistThe first image is a rose carved deer antler and painted with red acrylics. Then beads with red coral and silver beads. We totally get it if you prefer all natural! But for the buyers that like it painted to match their suit have the option to choose the color and the stones used.

The second image is a rose made from deer antler with white and blue acrylics. We were able to match this up with stabilized turquoise, hand carved flowers made from the oceans coral and silver beads. They are both so beautiful. Jeffrey is Cherokee and for centuries Cherokees have used antler for their carvings. The Cherokee people and Keetoowah people are so gifted when it comes to carving from rock, weaving baskets, painting and their bead work. Jeffrey’s father is a full blood Keetoowah but had changed his citizenship to the Cherokee Nation. His Aunt Georga is Keetoowah. She will not ever change citizenship’s. She said “Have you ever been to the Cherokee Nation?””They are all white in there…. not a dark one in there!”  But that is her opinion. The Cherokee Nation Entertainment has supported Jeffrey in his career.


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