Monthly Archive: November 2013

Nov 23

Carved Deer Antler Carving with Abalone shell

Here are some of Jeffrey’s latest creations. The eagle is so beautiful. Words can not express the expertise and patience he put into this…. Just gorgeous. And he made the crosses out of deer antler. The glued some abalone shell in the middle. He made two necklaces like that. Well I have to do the …

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Nov 12

Well I just left a few post on some local news facebook pages…..

maybe it will get him an interview. Please God you know our needs…. Amen

Nov 12

I want more angel wings! Pendents that is…..

Cherokee artist jeffrey l watt carved deer antler owl pendent

Here are a few of the things Jeffrey has made lately. They are stunning. I love the cross and I love the angel wings. The owl is so beautiful as well! If you have something that you would want Jeffrey to make for you then please just ask! I am so proud of my husband. …

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