Monthly Archive: April 2013

Apr 20

Jeff’s been getting creative with cow skulls!

So…how do you like it? I personally love it. We took a vote on facebook. And a unanimous decision of Native American was chosen. This represents the trail of tears. We did a show at the St. Andrews Waterfront Market today and brought in $50. Hey that is better than nothing. We put 30 in …

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Apr 15

Hard Rock Casino Tulsa……

I am happy to say that Jeffrey is officially in the works at having his art in the Gallery at the Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa OK! Holy Cow is all we can say!!! I will keep you updated   Update…. No word from the Casino yet. I did fill out Jeff’s W 9. Another …

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Apr 15

Where does he get his inspiration?

mushroom carved from deer antler by native american cherokee artist jeffrey l watt

I often wonder where Jeffrey gets his inspiration. “How did you think of that”? kind of thing when I see things like this. It is super cool. It looks real enough to scare his Mother-in-law. He  hollered for her to come to our yard where he had this mushroom poised in it’s natural surrounding. Then …

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Apr 12

Painted Gourd Art by Jeffrey L Watt Native American Cherokee Artist

Acyrlic painted Gourd art by Jeffrey L Watt Native Amercian Cherokee Artist side B

So you want to know what Jeff did today? He was painting humming birds on the sides of  a gourd. Yes, the life of the artist… Our toddler kept bumping his table and distracting him. He really needs his own place. A garage or an add on room. I know he would feel better with …

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Apr 12

Purple Rose Carved From Deer Antler by Native American Cherokee Artist Jeffrey L. Watt

Jeffrey was fooling around trying to carve flowers and roses out of deer antlers. He has mastered the feathers with all their detail. He made this piece back n March 2013. It is beautiful! I still can not get over how he does this?  Last year when we were living in Stilwell, OK. we meet …

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Apr 08

Jeffrey at the beach!

caricature of spring breakers by Jeffrey L Watt Native American Cherokee Artist

We went to the beach today! Had a good time and got burned up. I wanted to try a taste of direct marketing so I asked 4 separate groups of people if they wanted Jeff to do a caricature and one of them said yes! Jeff made enough to buy us 10 Krystal burgers! Lol, …

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Apr 07

Shark Painting by Jeffrey L Watt Native American Cherokee Artist

Here is a shark painting that Jeffrey did a couple weeks ago. It really looks like a photograph.  

Apr 06

What has Jeffrey been up to lately?

Wood burnt portrait by Jeffrey L Watt Native American Cherokee artist

Last Friday night when Jeff was getting ready for his show at the St. Andrews Water Front Farmers Market, he was working with a saw cutting a gourd and mistaken his finger for the gourd thus sawed his forefinger. How else could it of happened? OPPS… I rushed him to the ER and they gave him 8 …

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